" Word of Mouth is a powerful thing"
 Garry Myers

" We have worked with Myerz Media for a couple of years now on various projects like still photos, advertising materials, banners, website design and even full commercial videos. What we love about Garry is his ability to bring fresh ideas and content into his work without us having to lay it all out. He can take all of your basic info and turn it into something amazing that will accomplish whatever goal you are seeking. Just look at our website and you will see a lot of Garry's talent throughout."
Bob Tucker, MAK Grills

"Recently I had the privilege of working on a major ballot measure campaign along with a large group of citizen volunteers for the improvement of our community. The group worked hard for several months and produced an exceptionally complete and professional campaign. Garry Myers was kind enough to donate his time and talents throughout the campaign. For instance, he designed our logo, our streets signs and other elements of our graphics. He also participated personally in the campaign and was an effective member. Even though Garry contributed his time on a volunteer basis, his work was always first class and done to a high professional standard. The graphics often received favorable comments and were an effective rallying point for the campaign’s advertising in several venues. Garry enjoys an excellent reputation in the community and I would highly recommend him and his work to anyone asking."
Brian Dalton, Mayor of Dallas, Oregon

"Garry has made several videos for myself and other bands I have played with. Always the best quality videos from Garry. We're getting ready to hit him up for a few once we get out of the recording studio. I would highly recommend Garry for any of your video needs."
Billy Scanlan, The best Surf Guitarist in Cali

"Thank you so much, Garry and Sheila (Myerz Media) for all the wonderful video work you have done for Lyle School! Your videos are loved by staff and students! The videos you have created for fundraising and for year-end assemblies have been such a powerful way for our school to share information and to celebrate special successes and memorable moments! Each video shows your technical artistry and expertness as well as your ability to spotlight special moments of Lyle School life! We thank you!"
Todd Baughman, Lyle Elementary School Principal 

"In one word, Awesome! Very thoughtful and every time I got stuck, Myerz Media always had great ideas to help. Professional, innovative, and affordable. Thanks Myerz Media! I'll be back."
Dan David, Master Brewer for Mavericks Brewing

"Thank you Myerz Media for a great website."

Terry Lanig, Mid-Valley Rigging & Crating

"Myerz Media has been working with Whitworth for the last 4 years. My experience has been great with Myerz Media, I know that any and all of my needs will be met. I look forward to many years of Myerz Media fulfilling all my media needs."
Steve Martinelli, Whitworth Elementary Principal